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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Red Square, Moscow, 30th April

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"And what about these two posters?"

"Those are the posters that will be hung on the south side of Red Square: as you can see they represent comrades Lenin and Marx."

"I can see that by myself. What I meant was the other two posters over there, the one with the Red Star and the one with the Hammer and Sickle."

The four posters were lined up and showed, from left to right, Lenin, Marx, the Red Star, and the Hammer And Sickle.

"Oh, they are nothing but the back of the other two. I wanted you to also see the back-faces of the posters, as these back-faces will be invisible from the inside of the Square."

communist posters riddle

"Hmmm... so enlighten me, which is the front of the poster representing the Hammer And Sickle?"
Nikita Proskoijev grinned, "I would like to test your deduction capabilities, dear comrade; a capability, I might add, which some people have had the guts to doubt. I say that all posters representing Lenin show the Hammer And Sickle on their opposite face. How would you verify this statement, in such a way that leaves no shadow of a doubt?"

"Do you mean, dear tovarisc, that I should turn these gigantic posters around to see which comrade matches the Star and which the Hammer And Sickle?"

"I have said what I have said, dear Ivanovic; it is up to you to decide what is the minimum number of posters to turn around to verify whether my statement was true or false."

Ivanovic felt very cold, as if he was in Siberia. What is the minimum number of posters, out of the four displayed, that he has to turn around to verify the statement of that cunning snake?

Ivanovic had to turn around two posters: the first one (Lenin) and the third one (the Red Star).

All that Nikita Proskoijev said was that all the posters representing Lenin show Hammer And Sickle on their opposite face. Therefore it is needed to check the back of the first poster and the front of the third one, to make sure that the Red Star wasn't linked with Lenin's face, cause if it was, then Proskoijev's statement would have been false.

Checking the front of the fourth poster (which is what Ivanovic did, that's why he's now a lumberjack near Jakutsk) is useless; if the 4th poster shows Lenin face as its front, it would just confirm what Proskoijev stated; but then, if the 4th poster showed Marx, this would not have falsified Proskoijev's statement, because he said that Lenin is linked to Hammer And Sickle, while he didn't state that Hammer And Sickle are linked to Lenin.