Thursday, April 28, 2016

Longevity: The Inherent Problem of Online Gaming

Since the inception of MMO gaming, there have been critics and champions of the genre. Many have claimed that the games are merely designed to extort money from players under the guise of providing a service or exaggerated grind fests that are meant to pad out an empty or shallow game. Perhaps one of the largest complaints of traditional gamers is that an MMO has no finite end and they do not wish to hear a story that will never end. However, this is not the fatal flaw of MMO gaming.

online gaming

The Inherent Problem

One thing that cannot be denied about MMO gaming are technical limitations. This does not refer to graphics or computer specs. The free to play game Runescape requires very little processing power, but has been popular for years. No, the technical limitations which ultimately doom an MMO game is the server. For server's are held up by the company which made the game and only for as long as it is profitable. Eventually, even the longest running MMO will have to be shut down. They cannot last as long as even the oldest nes games.

The Server Problem

No matter how feeble the hardware, a game can live on through it's software. Emulation of nes, snes and countless other game systems has proven that much. As many as thirty years after their creation, software from nes games persist online, in databases, in cartridges, they have many sources and can be reproduced easily, as demonstrated with the Wii's Virtual Console.

MMO games however, can only exist as long as they are willed by the servers. Even if the software persists, the world will be gone and the players who populate the world with it. Offline games can exist through their software alone, however, when a server goes down, an MMO game is gone for good. Asheron's Call 2, the Matrix Online, and Tabula Rasa among others are canceled MMO's, which can never be revisited. The server's are down, with grand events to close out their life times. No matter how much MMO players may want to deny it, they cannot play the game forever.

Time is Fleeting

No matter how old, so long as the software exists a game can be reborn. The problem with MMO gaming, even if people do not want to admit it, is that time spent on them is gone for good. All that remains are the memory's of the game. In this way, time is fleeting, for even if the story of a game is great, such as the epic cinematic story telling of WoW, or even the simple, buggy storytelling of Asheron's Call, players will never be able to revisit it once gone.

In this way, MMO games are limited when compared to offline games. They may last for decades, but once they disappear they can never be revisited. A good book, a beloved film, and especially ancient games can be reproduced as long as the software exists. However, MMO games are built for the players and with the players. When the by and the with disappear, it is nothing at all.

Take Heart

This problem is one that many may not face for years. Everquest has endured since 1999, for over 11 years. There is no reason to despair or to be upset. A game is meant to be enjoyed. Even if all that is left are the memories of times spent with comrades, playing, raiding, and questing, this is not so bad a fate. Players who enjoy the game need not fear the end which will eventually come.

MMO games cannot persist as offline games do, mainly because of their player centric and money making needs. Despite that, like any game, they are meant to be enjoyed. They will not last forever, but sometimes the best things in life hit like a bolt of lightning and vanish with just as much speed.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

In Depth Strategies for Facebook's Castle Age

After learning the basics of the Castle Age Role Playing Game on Facebook, players might be interested to learn some more advanced strategies/basics about the game.

castle age


Castle Age has 22 different heroes for the player to purchase. Each hero costs a different amount of money, and has a specific attack power, defense power, and bonus attribute. Most quests can only be completed with a certain hero active, but some can be completed with any hero. After a hero is used, it can be sold if not needed.

Heroes can be leveled up by being used for quests and battles, up to a maximum of level 4. This increases their attack, defense, and bonus. Some heroes have an upkeep fee, so the player must make sure they have enough income to cover the hero's upkeep cost.

For example, Sophia is the basic hero. At level 1, her attack power is 1, her defense power is 2, and her bonus attribute is that she increases the player's maximum energy by 1 point while she is active. When she is upgraded to level 4, her attack is 4, her defense is 5, and she increases the player's energy by 4 points.

Quest Worlds

There are currently 6 different worlds in Castle Age, each of which have 5 levels, plus a boss fight. The worlds are Land of Fire, Land of Earth, Land of Mist, Land of Water, Demon Realm, and Undead Realm. In order to unlock the boss fight, you must complete 4 out of 5 levels. In order to unlock the next world, a player must complete the first 3 levels.

Each level shows how much energy is used to complete it, and how much experience a player gets from completing it. In the first few levels, the xp received equals the energy used, for example, a quest uses 3 energy points and gives 3 xp. As the player progresses, they get more xp per energy from quests. The first level in the Land of Water, for example, uses 25 energy but gives the player 30 xp.

After completing the boss fight, several more levels are unlocked in each world. Each of the 5 main quests gets 2 sub-quests. Each quest, both main and sub, can be completed 4 times. A quest is completed once the meter gets to 100%. It varies how many attacks it will take to complete a quest. Once a quest gets to 100%, the player gets a bonus skill point to use however they want.

Monster and Boss Battles

Once a player has completed 4 quests in a world, they can complete the boss quest. They have a chance of receiving the orb necessary for summoning the boss fight. Boss fights last many hours or days, and most will require the player to ask their friends for help. Bosses are fought using stamina, and reward the player with a lot of gold and special items.

Collecting certain alchemy items can allow a player to summon monster fights, such as sea serpent fights. Sea serpents require that players use energy to defend and stamina to attack. Monster fights last even longer than boss fights. Players receive the items needed to summon from gifts from friends, quest rewards, and rewards from other fights. Some battles are epic and require many players to win.

Castle Age is a fun Facebook game that may take a while to catch on, but isn't very difficult. Players can interact with friends and fight epic monsters and dragons. For more information about the basics, please read Castle Age Role Playing Game on Facebook.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Making the Best Farm Town: Getting the Most Out of Your Crops

farm town

When you initially start experimenting with Farm Town, it is extremely common to become overwhelmed with all of the countless features, and devote significant amounts of time towards features that aren't particularly going to contribute greatly to your success.

If you want to do well, however, it's quite important to get your priorities straight when first starting out. While there are multiple ways to generate money in Farm Town, the most prominent way is definitely through the harvesting of crops. Therefore, when playing Farm Town, your number one priority should definitely be the crops.

Maximize the Amount of Area Available for Harvesting

One common mistake that players often make is planting their crops too far apart. By planting your crops far apart, you are actually cutting your total harvesting area in half. By default, when you plant crops, there is a plot of land in between each plowed plot. Countless users are fine with that, and just leave the empty land there. By getting rid of the space between crops, however, you can literally double the amount of area that you are able to harvest.

To do this, select the icon of the wrench. Then, simply hit the box that says “remove spaces between fields”. Sadly, this will only apply to future crops, so you'll have to bulldoze your current crops if you would like to move them closer together.

Increase the Speed at Which You are Able to Farm

Another way to add to productivity is to increase the speed at which you plant seeds or plow fields. When you plow in different directions, your avatar often has to meander around to reach the different areas. Using all of this effort moving around the field costs more time, and you will plow significantly more efficiently if you plow without moving. To change this, click from the top right to the bottom left. By doing so, you will plow without moving, and therefore will save a significant amount of time.

Focus on the Right Crops

One more significant blunder that countless users frequently commit is emphasizing the wrong crops. Numerous users will dedicate effort harvesting crops including pineapple or pumpkin, solely due to the fact these foods taste delicious in real life. If you hope to get the most you can out of your crops, however, you should focus on the crops that return the most yield. Out of all the crops, the ones that are clearly most worth planting are the raspberries.

Due to the fact that raspberries can be made so quickly, you can make a huge amount of them over the course of a day. No other Farm Town crop will provide you with nearly as much experience as raspberries. Due to the fact that the seeds can be bought for extremely cheap, they also return the most money as well. Rather than spending your time on tons of crops that don’t provide significant amounts of money or experience in return, invest all your time in to planting raspberries.


While there are numerous critical features to building a great farm, few are more important than the physical crops you produce. By spending a reasonable amount of effort getting the maximum you can out of your crops, your farm will develop a lot more successfully, and you will be that much closer to helping it reach its maximum potential.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Facebook Mafia Wars Moscow Families

mafia wars
Facebook Mafia Wars has a new added territory for expansion, Moscow. Players can now expand into Moscow and set up shop. The first thing players will notice is that they must choose a Russian side when they enter Moscow. Players can choose between Vory and the Mafiya. However, without understanding the traits of each the choice is made blindly.

Researching the history of the Russian Mafia is not an easy task. Most information gleaned is through forums where it is shared anonymously. Cameldog is one such forum that contains a lot of discussions on the history of the Vory and the Mafiya. The history of two sides reveals much about the codes they live and work by.

The Code of the Vory

Choosing the Vory makes players belong to a tightly knit group that is very similar to a real family in many senses. The Vory stick closely together, helping each other and depending on each other and teaching each other what they know and bring to the family. Members of the Vory are willing to defend each other to the point of taking blame for other’s crimes when necessary.

Choosing Vory is choosing to be part of a unified group of thieves and robbers who live by the unity of that strength and taking what they need to survive and flourish without invoking violence unless it is absolutely necessary. The Vory code is not one to be taken lightly.

The Russian Mafiya

Choosing the Russian Mafiya is more traditional and much more violent than the Vory. They are a wide reaching group of organized crime lords just as the American Mafia is. The Russian Mafiya is known for being powerful and dangerous.

The Russian Mafiay fights to win and uses whatever methods are necessary, regardless of bloodshed. They do jobs that include trafficking and more violence than the Vory. They don’t live by a code of honor and so are not as bound together in unity as the Vory.

Which Side to Choose?

Based on the basic descriptions of the two sides the main difference in the sides in terms of game play will be in the job assignments. The Vory jobs will be less violent than those of the Mafiya. However, both sides will have robbing and other criminal tasks to accomplish in order to level up.

The most important thing to remember is that once a side is picked in the first chapter of Moscow it is not possible to go back and change it.

Mafia Wars players can find other cheats and strategies on forums and in other articles throughout the Internet.

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