Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Free Printable Crossword Puzzles Online


Research shows that working crossword puzzles on a regular basis can have a powerful effect on how the brain ages. The puzzles are even used to help people recovering from a stroke. Here are five websites for people who like doing crosswords.

Bestcrosswords.com – New Printable Crossword Puzzle Daily

Bestcrosswords.com provides a variety of free daily crossword puzzles in both American and British English. This website also provides online crossword puzzles that one can use to compete against other die hard crossword puzzlers.

Mirroreyes.com /crosswords – Archive with Thousands of Crossword Puzzles

This website provides a new crossword puzzle every day. In addition, they have links to their previous crossword puzzles, dating back to 2000. They also provide free printable word searches.

Varietygames.com/CW – Free Printable Crossword Puzzles and a Printable Crossword Puzzle Maker

Once the standard crossword puzzles are made, why not make a few new ones from scratch? Create clues, fill in the answers, and give the puzzle a title. The website will print out a one-of-a-kind puzzle. The crossword puzzle maker is truly a unique crossword puzzle experience. Writing one’s own crossword puzzle offers a unique perspective and an added mental fitness component that simply working a crossword puzzle does not offer.

Armoredpenguin.com/crossword - Free Printable Crossword Puzzles and a Printable Crossword Puzzle Maker

Armoredpenguin.com is another great site that allows one to work a ready-made crossword puzzles (click on the “user puzzle” or “collection” option on the left). For the extremely creative crossword puzzle enthusiast, they also have a free printable crossword puzzle maker.
If a new puzzle is created, the creator has the ability to name their puzzle, write a description of the puzzle, set the size of the puzzle, choose the language, and several other detailed options.

Onlinecrosswords.net – Nearly 9,000 Free Printable Crossword Puzzles

This website provides seven new free printable crossword puzzles every day. In January 2010, the website boasted of nearly 9,000 puzzles in their database, with new ones being added daily. There are nearly 107,000 words in their database that are included in their many free printable crossword puzzles. The website also states they are in the process of translating their puzzles into French and Spanish.

When has something so fun been so beneficial to the brain? Crossword puzzles bring entertainment for hours and are readily available online. In addition, one can get creative and create a unique puzzle with a crossword puzzle maker.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Island X

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There are three categories of tribes in Island X; a Truther, who always speaks truthfully; a Liar, who always speaks falsely; and an Altetnator, who makes statements that are alternatively truthful and false, albeit not necessarily in that order.

A visitor approaches three inhabitants and asks who is a Truther. They answer as follows:

A says:
1. I am a Truther
2. B is a Liar

B says:
1. I am a Alternator
2. C is a Liar

C says:
1. I am a Truther
2. A is a Liar

Determine the identity of each of the three inhabitants from the information provided in the above statements.

Island X Puzzle Solution

Assume that A is the Truther. If so, then B is the Liar as A's statement asserts. If so, B's second statement is false, so C is the Alternator. This implies that C's first statement is false as also his second statement that A is the Liar, so that C is the Liar which is a contradiction, so that A cannot be the Truther.

Assume that B is the Truther. If so, his first statement is a direct contradiction, implying amongst other things, that B cannot be the Truther.

Assume that C is the Truther. If so, then A is the Liar in conformity with his second statement, so the remaining member B must be the Alternator. This checks out since as a Alternator, B's first statement is true while in his second statement he falsely identified C as the Liar. Both of A's statement are then clearly false, so this establishes the veracity of both the statements of C.

Consequently, (A, B, C) = (Liar, Alternator, Truther)