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Additions to Zoo World on Facebook

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Good and Bad Options Added to Online Zoo Game

Due to the huge page views and request for help, here is more information on Zoo World on There have been a few additions since the last article, and they will be covered below.

Gift Giving is Great

Every player is allowed to send 20 gifts a day to friends. It is important to note that all 20 of those gifts can be sent to the same person. This can be useful if player knows a friend is looking for a certain animal or collectible gift.

New Collectible Items

New additions to the zoo are the collectible trees. These special trees award the player 25 zoo dollars with each shake per day. Once player owns at least three of the same tree, they can be upgraded for a better tree, which will award more zoo dollars. Note that there have been many players reporting problems with this new feature, so if the upgrade is not available or there are problems, customer support should be contacted.

Upgrading the tree isn’t as simple as just clicking one button though. After that green upgrade button has been clicked, a pop up screen appears. The Upgrade button has to be pressed and then the player must select Save. Once this is done, be sure to visit the zoo to make sure the new tree has been awarded. It must be placed on the zoo like every other new addition.

It Used to Only Cost a Few Hundred!

An irritation of the game is the ridiculous increase in the cost of items that only cost a few hundred zoo dollars at the beginning. It just doesn’t seem fair to have to pay almost 200,000 zoo dollars for one zookeeper, when it can take over a zoo week to earn that much. The developers consider this more challenging, but it’s more likely not enough thought was put into ratio of the price increases. Player must just deal with this aspect if he/she wants to play the game.

The best way to avoid having to pay such inflated prices is for the new player to buy at least 50 zookeepers, and 25 kiosk managers and maintenance workers as soon as they start playing. Only one veterinarian is needed through level 20, so it is unclear when/if another will be needed. So it might be best to go ahead and buy an extra early in the game, since that price also skyrockets.

Planning Ahead is a Must in Zoo World

It might take a while to earn enough to buy that many workers, but it won’t take nearly as long as waiting until they are needed. Just be sure to buy all 50 zookeepers first before buying the other workers. Keep in mind that 50 is an estimate of how many zookeepers the player will need above and beyond his/her recruited friends. If a player has less than 50 friends, more zookeepers should be bought. The opposite works too, of course. A safe estimate is to have at least 100 zookeepers on hand, whether they be recruited or bought.

What Happened to Recruiting Friends?

For some unknown reason the developers changed how to recruit friends as zookeepers. Selecting the recruit option from the shop takes the player to a screen that gives instructions on how to recruit. So instead of being able to click on remaining friends, player must visit the zoo and click on the Recruit Zookeepers (looks like a bear with a hard hat) option from there. It seems like an unnecessary added step from something that worked just fine the way it was.

Besides the animals, nothing else in the shop increases in cost. So everything else that must be bought as the zoo increases in size can be bought as needed. The cost of the animals skyrockets as much as the staff. Every player can expect to pay close to 300,000 zoo dollars for one animal once they reach above level 20. The best way to tackle such high prices is to keep admission prices as high as profits allow.

Math Skills are a Must to Maximize Profits

To figure out the best price, every player should increase the admission by $1 until they notice their daily profits start to decline. When this happens, drop the price by $1. For instance, if the daily profit with a $12 admission price is $29,000, a $13 admission price is $30,000, and a $14 admission price drops to $29,000, then the ideal admission price is $13.

It is important to note that when an achievement is a minimum amount of visitors, it might be necessary to temporarily lower the admission price to attain the extra visitors. As soon as that level is achieved, immediately return the price to the higher amount. This will not affect the level earned.

Zoo World is a complicated but entertaining game. It’s growth seems infinite, with endless possibilities. As more levels are opened, more questions arise, so keep the questions coming. Be sure to read Zoo World on for more help on how to get started.