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Saturday, April 23, 2016

In Depth Strategies for Facebook's Castle Age

After learning the basics of the Castle Age Role Playing Game on Facebook, players might be interested to learn some more advanced strategies/basics about the game.

castle age


Castle Age has 22 different heroes for the player to purchase. Each hero costs a different amount of money, and has a specific attack power, defense power, and bonus attribute. Most quests can only be completed with a certain hero active, but some can be completed with any hero. After a hero is used, it can be sold if not needed.

Heroes can be leveled up by being used for quests and battles, up to a maximum of level 4. This increases their attack, defense, and bonus. Some heroes have an upkeep fee, so the player must make sure they have enough income to cover the hero's upkeep cost.

For example, Sophia is the basic hero. At level 1, her attack power is 1, her defense power is 2, and her bonus attribute is that she increases the player's maximum energy by 1 point while she is active. When she is upgraded to level 4, her attack is 4, her defense is 5, and she increases the player's energy by 4 points.

Quest Worlds

There are currently 6 different worlds in Castle Age, each of which have 5 levels, plus a boss fight. The worlds are Land of Fire, Land of Earth, Land of Mist, Land of Water, Demon Realm, and Undead Realm. In order to unlock the boss fight, you must complete 4 out of 5 levels. In order to unlock the next world, a player must complete the first 3 levels.

Each level shows how much energy is used to complete it, and how much experience a player gets from completing it. In the first few levels, the xp received equals the energy used, for example, a quest uses 3 energy points and gives 3 xp. As the player progresses, they get more xp per energy from quests. The first level in the Land of Water, for example, uses 25 energy but gives the player 30 xp.

After completing the boss fight, several more levels are unlocked in each world. Each of the 5 main quests gets 2 sub-quests. Each quest, both main and sub, can be completed 4 times. A quest is completed once the meter gets to 100%. It varies how many attacks it will take to complete a quest. Once a quest gets to 100%, the player gets a bonus skill point to use however they want.

Monster and Boss Battles

Once a player has completed 4 quests in a world, they can complete the boss quest. They have a chance of receiving the orb necessary for summoning the boss fight. Boss fights last many hours or days, and most will require the player to ask their friends for help. Bosses are fought using stamina, and reward the player with a lot of gold and special items.

Collecting certain alchemy items can allow a player to summon monster fights, such as sea serpent fights. Sea serpents require that players use energy to defend and stamina to attack. Monster fights last even longer than boss fights. Players receive the items needed to summon from gifts from friends, quest rewards, and rewards from other fights. Some battles are epic and require many players to win.

Castle Age is a fun Facebook game that may take a while to catch on, but isn't very difficult. Players can interact with friends and fight epic monsters and dragons. For more information about the basics, please read Castle Age Role Playing Game on Facebook.

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