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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Facebook Mafia Wars Moscow Families

mafia wars
Facebook Mafia Wars has a new added territory for expansion, Moscow. Players can now expand into Moscow and set up shop. The first thing players will notice is that they must choose a Russian side when they enter Moscow. Players can choose between Vory and the Mafiya. However, without understanding the traits of each the choice is made blindly.

Researching the history of the Russian Mafia is not an easy task. Most information gleaned is through forums where it is shared anonymously. Cameldog is one such forum that contains a lot of discussions on the history of the Vory and the Mafiya. The history of two sides reveals much about the codes they live and work by.

The Code of the Vory

Choosing the Vory makes players belong to a tightly knit group that is very similar to a real family in many senses. The Vory stick closely together, helping each other and depending on each other and teaching each other what they know and bring to the family. Members of the Vory are willing to defend each other to the point of taking blame for other’s crimes when necessary.

Choosing Vory is choosing to be part of a unified group of thieves and robbers who live by the unity of that strength and taking what they need to survive and flourish without invoking violence unless it is absolutely necessary. The Vory code is not one to be taken lightly.

The Russian Mafiya

Choosing the Russian Mafiya is more traditional and much more violent than the Vory. They are a wide reaching group of organized crime lords just as the American Mafia is. The Russian Mafiya is known for being powerful and dangerous.

The Russian Mafiay fights to win and uses whatever methods are necessary, regardless of bloodshed. They do jobs that include trafficking and more violence than the Vory. They don’t live by a code of honor and so are not as bound together in unity as the Vory.

Which Side to Choose?

Based on the basic descriptions of the two sides the main difference in the sides in terms of game play will be in the job assignments. The Vory jobs will be less violent than those of the Mafiya. However, both sides will have robbing and other criminal tasks to accomplish in order to level up.

The most important thing to remember is that once a side is picked in the first chapter of Moscow it is not possible to go back and change it.

Mafia Wars players can find other cheats and strategies on forums and in other articles throughout the Internet.

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