Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Killing Some Time…

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  1. The only animals in this house are cats.
  2. Any animal that loves watching the moon is tamable.
  3. When I hate an animal, I stay away from it.
  4. No animal is carnivorous, unless it moves at night.
  5. No cat avoids killing mice.
  6. I do not own any animal, except the ones that live in this house.
  7. Kangaroos are not tamable.
  8. No animal, except the carnivorous ones, kills mice.
  9. I hate animals that I do not own.
  10. All animals that move at night love watching the moon.
From this sequence of sentences, which are based on the foundations of logic, it is possible to reach a conclusion deduced from all 10 sentences.

What is the conclusion?

Killing Time Puzzle Solution

The logical conclusion must necessarily be: I avoid kangaroos. Based on the 10 statements, it is possible to deduce the following conclusions:
Deduction # From statements # Deduction
11 1 and 5
All animals in this house kill mice
12 8 and 11
All animals in this house are carnivorous
13 4 and 12
All animals in this house move at night
14 6 and 13
All animals I own move at night
15 10 and 14
All animals I own love watching the moon
16 2 and 15
All animals I own are tamable
17 7 and 16
I do not own any kangaroo
18 9 and 17
I hate kangaroos
final 3 and 18
I avoid kangaroos

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