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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Evony Tips: Gaining Rare Medals


One feature of Evony that regularly becomes frustrating is the quest to gain rare medals. Many gamers often become extremely upset when they spend months upon months attacking valleys, yet never come across the medal that they need. Thankfully, however, there are a couple strategies you can take advantage of to increase your chance of receiving the medal you are looking for.

Why Bother Seeking Out Medals?

Evony medals can be used for a couple distinct purposes. For one, medals are given to your heroes to elevate their loyalty. Owning an Evony hero with a high loyalty is extremely vital, as it will ensure that you don't ever lose him. Few things are worse than investing months advancing your hero to the maximum level, only to have him ditch you for your enemy because his loyalty was too low. Awarding him a medal should avoid this.

In truth, however, giving your medals to your heroes is often an unwise choice, as there is a much more imperative use for medals. Medals are required if you want to advance to higher titles and ranks, and are frequently the limiting factor in your ability to gain a new rank. If you want to earn a reputable rank and title, you'll need to hold on to your medals for your own character, and will have to spend ample effort gathering those that are rare.

Secrets to Getting Rare Medals

One method to acquire medals is referred to as “scout spamming”. To utilize this technique, start by upgrading your rally point and feasting halls to at least level five or more. Then, capture as many valleys as your city will allow. Next, gather a couple of heroes from your feasting hall.

To start the “scout spamming”, begin by attacking a valley that is close to your city with as big of an army as you have available. Once all of the units are defeated, bring your army back to your primary base. You will not be able to take control of the valley, due to the fact that your city already controls as many valleys as it is limited to, but the troops will be destroyed. Now, take one hero and one scout, and repeatedly send them to the valley you just conquered.
Due to the fact that all of the units in the valley should be wiped out, one hero and one scout should be more than enough to defeat it, and each time that you do, you have the possibility of acquiring the rare medals that you seek. Because this occurs in such a small amount of time, you can easily gain five or more medals in less than a minute.

After around twenty minutes of this, the soldiers will likely have regenerated, at which point you'll be forced to send your army back and defeat them once again. Eventually, if you continue to repeat this strategy, you'll be able to acquire the medals that you're looking for.


By gaining the rare medals, not only can you increase your hero's loyalty, but more importantly, you will be able to advance to higher titles and ranks. By achieving an impressive rank and title, you will have much more honor and prestige than the great majority of those who play Evony.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Prestige and Honor: Understanding the Different Evony Stats

When getting started in Evony, few pay any significant attention to the countless stats of your player or your city. Most players feel that they have a slight understanding of what is occurring, but don’t really know what different things mean, or how to make best of each statistic. This is unfortunate, as it definitely holds back one's ability to succeed.


Understanding the Player Stats

To begin with, each user has a specific set of stats that should be noted. These statistics include Evony prestige, honor, and achievement points, and each is exactly the same for every one of their cities. Prestige is typically seen as a marker of one's "reputation" in Evony, and is what many people use to compare themselves to different gamers. The user footer will actually show you how your prestige compares with other players, and a lot of gamers regularly make it their mission to become one of the most prestigious players in the entire game.
Another noteworthy measurement is honor. Honor refers to how well you are doing in battle. If you are often defeated by your enemies, and have lots of resources looted from you, it is likely your honor will be low. Lastly, achievement points measure how well you have achieved the many achievements, which are actually different from the quests. Each of these measurements are important and should be upgraded as often as you can.

Understanding the City Stats

Along with your gamer stats, which are identical for every one of your cities, each city has its own exclusive statistics which also must be considered. The majority of these statistics are your city’s resources. These resources include food, lumber, stone, and iron, which are each acquired through sawmills, farms, ironmines, and quarries, and are essential for creating buildings, growing an army, and making upgrades. One other resource is gold, which you get from taxing your citizens, and is essential for advancing at the academy and upgrading to new levels.

Along with resources, your city also contains a few additional noteworthy stats that should be kept in mind. Loyalty describes how large your population is in relation to your maximum potential population. If you have a big population limit, but not much loyalty, you're not taking advantage of a lot of residents that you could control if your loyalty was bigger. To add to loyalty, you can either lower the tax rate or perform acts such as “disaster relief” at the town hall. Also, along with population, another imperative statistic is labor force. It is important to make sure that your labor force does not ever exceed your population, or else you won't be getting as many resources as you potentially could. If this happens, don't forget to set up more cottages and increase loyalty in order to add to population.


While many players may dismiss the measurements of their cities as meaningless, understanding your city and gamer stats is quite imperative for success. Only once you have comprehended what's going on in your city and what its weaknesses are will you be able to dominate Evony forever.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Evony Combat Tips: Defeating Another Player or NPC


When preparing to do battle in Evony, countless gamers unfortunately put very little consideration into what their plan of attack is or how they expect to win. Not surprisingly, these players are seldom victorious and lack what's necessary to every become an Evony world power. By dedicating some time to prepare for your attack, you can save yourself a significant amount of trouble that would normally arise and can greatly increase your chances of victory.

Choosing the Right Target

The first task when preparing for combat is simply to choose an appropriate valley to attack. This is an extremely vital stage of preparation, and should not be neglected. For one thing, you must decide upon a target whose protection isn't so great that there is no way you could possibly win. If you decide to attack a level ten NPC, for instance, you must have a powerful army or else there is no chance that you will possibly be able to win.

It’s also necessary to avoid choosing a very low leveled city, however, as the plunder simply will not be worth the losses. Not only will you likely lose more units than the amount of plunder that you gain, but you will also be sacrificing precious time that could be better spent attacking more worthy enemies.

Scout Your Enemy Before Attacking

Another imperative stage of preparation is scouting your enemy before attacking them. Numerous players often skip this step, presuming it is not important, while in reality, it is one of the most significant things you can do to increase your chances of victory. If you don’t spend time scouting your opponent before attacking them, you will have no idea what units their army is made of, and have very little assurance of coming out victorious. Thus, spending the time to scout out your opponent is also critical for success.

Using the Scout Report to Assemble Your Army

Next, put together your army accordingly, based on what the scout report revealed about your opponent's defenses. Most players simply assemble as many total units as they can and attack each different target with the exact same arrangement of troops, putting very little thought into whether or not their troops correspond well with the opponent's defenses.

evony screenshot
For example, if you are attacking an enemy NPC city who does not have any trebuchets, an excellent idea would be to bring ballista. If you're attacking a city that contains a huge number of abatis, a good tactic would be to hold back your cavalry and replace them with other types of units. Using your cavalry may slightly increase your strength, but you will forfeit so many cavalry to the abatis, you will definitely lose too many to ever justify such a decision. Regrettably, most players neglect to consider these things when attacking, and their success suffers considerably because of it.

Deploying for Battle

Lastly, dismiss your units in waves. Sending off your army in waves works much better than sending a massive force just one time, and should be the approach you use for best results. Also, make sure to bring plenty of transports in order to bring back resources to your city. Few things are worse than putting forth the time and effort to defeat a city, only to have the resources stolen by another gamer because you neglected to bring ample transports.


By spending time planning out your attacks, you' will notice that you become significantly more successful during Evony combat.