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Web-Puzzles.Net is an online resource with reviews and articles on many topics in Applied Arts and Sciences, Arts and Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Reference and Research, and Space and Astronomy, Games, Brain Teasers, Jigsaw Puzzles.

Problem solving is by definition a creative activity : more correctly for most of us, it's a re-creative activity, especially while solving text-book problems. But the act of creation - discovering the solution of brain teasers by the application of math basics & logical arguments - and the ensuing sense of achievement is invariably worth the effort.

So here are some Brain Teasers : most are simple, a few are difficult, while some have no solutions at all !!! Grapple with them, wrestle with them, worry over them, think about them, until they're under your belt. Believe me this will improve your aptitude, your thinking power. So be ready for the excitement of chase, the thrill of discovery, the achievement of insight and the elation of success.  

What is Web-Puzzles.Net?  

Web-Puzzles.Net is the most comprehensive collection of educational and recreational Brain Teasers, Puzzle and Riddles for everyone, classified based on difficulty level and type. They are the questions or problems that require you to think in order to get the answer. They are a good way to increase your creativity and mind-power.

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