Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Travian Beginner's Playing Guide


Travian is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by a German company. Players choose to be a Roman, Teuton, or Gaul when they begin their account. They can then build cities, amass an army, and ally with other players to dominate their surroundings and eventually win the End Game.

Choosing a Server

At any given point, there are many simultaneous games of Travian running. A game runs for just over a year, until an alliance builds a World Wonder and wins the game. Speed servers also exist and run in about a third of the time. The server is then restarted and players can sign up all over again. There are many servers which are based on language or country. New players can visit Travian.com and then click on their country’s flag at the top of the page to find an appropriate set of servers.
Each server has a different personality that develops. Most players find that waiting for a few days after the server restarts works to their advantage. However, waiting too long to join will make a beginning player easy prey for advanced gamers. Try to join a server that has recently been reset.

Getting Started

After clicking “Register” on the main Travian screen, new players are asked to choose a server. They then need to select a nickname and enter their email address and password. It is a good idea for players to choose just one email address to use for Travian. This will prevent accidentally creating multiple characters on the same server. Players must also choose between Gauls, Teutons, and Romans. Each character type has advantages and disadvantages.
Once inside the game, there are five main screens a player can use to control their city. They are represented by round buttons at the top of the screen. The first is the village overview, which allows the player to view their village’s fields. The next button links to the city center. Players can build residences, blacksmiths, granaries and more in town. The third link brings up the map of the surrounding areas, so other villages can be scouted and attacked. Next is the statistics button, which displays player rankings. The final screen is the in-game messaging system, which allows players to communicate and organize.

5 Tips for Beginning Players

Starting to play a new MMRPG can be intimidating, but there are many resources to help Travian players find their way. Following these five tips will help new players learn more about the world of Travian and develop a successful town.
  • Read the forums -- Each server has a set of forums filled with advice, guides, and players who can answer questions. New players should check out the beginner’s guides posted in the forums first.
  • Do the Quests -- New accounts will find a Questmaster awaiting them when they begin playing Travian. The quests are designed to introduce new gamers to the basics, including constructing buildings, upgrading resources, and training soldiers. They also have useful rewards.
  • Wait to Join an Alliance -- Finding a strong, organized alliance to join will help players build strong cities and dominate the game. Players will receive many invitations as their cities begin to grow. Wait
  • Keep a Level Head -- At its core, Travian is a war game and players will be attacked on their beginner’s protection wears off. Don’t respond with angry messages or counterattacks, especially if the attacker is a member of a powerful alliance. Responding will just encourage them to attack again.
  • Read the Rules -- It is important to comply with the rules of the game. Players in violation may have their accounts deleted. For example, it is illegal to have multiple accounts on the same server.
Travian is a fun and addictive game. Many players find it appealing because of the regular resets -- it is possible for anyone to learn how to play well and become one of the top players. Best of all, it is free to play.


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