Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Poker Results

poker game riddle
Alice, Barbara, Claire, Daniel and Edward are discussing the result of the card game of the previous night.

Person #1 (woman): "Claire is single. The sisters and brothers all together totalled a loss of £9."

Person #2 (man): "My wife and I have lost a total of £1."

Person #3 (woman): "My sisters-in-law, all together, have lost £2."

Person #4 (man): "My brother-in-law and I have managed to lose £12 all together."

Person #5 (woman): "My result combined with that of Alice - who is Daniel's wife and an only child - is overall positive."

How much has each of them won or lost?

Poker Results Puzzle Solution

The 5 people and their wins/losses are:

Person #1: Barbara (+ £4).
Person #2: Edward (- £5).
Person #3: Alice (+ £14).
Person #4: Daniel (- £7).
Person #5: Claire (- £6).

This result is obtained from the statements of the 5 people.
  • Since the sisters-in-law (#1 and #5) lost, wile #5 and Alice have won, then #3 is Alice.
  • Alice won £14, because £2 lost by the sister-in-law, and £12 lost by the men.
  • #1 is Barbara, as she talks about Claire.
  • Alice is the only child, therefore the sisters-in-law must be sisters of the husband (Daniel).
  • Daniel lost £7, as the bunch of brothers and sisters have lost a total of £9, of which only £2 was lost by the sisters.
  • Edward lost £5, as the two men lost a total of £12, of which £7 was lost by Daniel.
  • Barbara - Edward's wife because Claire is single - won £4, as the total lost by the couple Barbara-Edward is £1.
  • Claire lost £6, as the total loss of the two sisters is £2, but Barbara won £4.


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